"I cannot adequately express to you how I feel when I look at the amazing photos you have taken of my special little man and our loving family and friends at his recent birthday party. I am overtaken by emotion when I look at the pictures and the story they tell. You manage to capture the human spirit beautifully in your pictures.

More importantly, you have provided us with beautiful keepsakes we can enjoy in years to come.

I am so very proud to have been a part of your educational journey and can see how far you have come, as not only a photographer but as an amazing young woman. You are a shining example of what determination, hard work and initiative look like. I look forward to working with you in future as you continue to grow and develop.

I would also encourage others who have little ones that would like photos that capture their child's quirks and personality to book a session. You will not be disappointed!"

Rose Maloney



"If you have ever ironed a shirt for a 5 year old, you will understand the lengths we went to prepare for our photo opportunity with Justice. Children spotless, dogs groomed, grass combed and I put my best jeans on...

So arrives a little red car, out of it pops an eager, friendly face with entourage brimming with passion for what we are about to put ourselves through.

The next hour we pose, pout, stand, sit, hug and wrestle our way through what we think will be our best angles (an hour is a long time to suck your gut in).

A few days later the results are in, they are so amazing I dont know how she did it, then looking through the photos we picked it dawns on me; The difference? More than our faces and figures were captured that day, Justice has immortalised our love for each other, for that we will be forever grateful."

 Anthony & Emily



"We had a family session with Justice and we were beyond thrilled with how everything turned out and how the day went.

Justice made us all feel at ease, and directed us in order to get better shots and lighting. Even though she would give us directions, she never made us feel uncomfortable or ‘posed’, which meant we were able to totally relax and be ourselves.

This resulted in some brilliant and timeless shots that our family are going to adore forever. I would recommend Justice in an instant without hesitation, if you want photos that reflect personalities and individuality, while also being beautifully taken and edited.

We want to truly thank Justice for giving us such beautiful snapshots of our family that we cherish so very much."

Knox-Gray Family



"We are not the type of family who pose for photos. No stiff postures and forced smiles line the walls of our home, thank you very much!

However, our perception of family photos was changed when we engaged with 'Justice Cameron Photography'.

I have known Justice for a few years (as a student) but was completely blown-away by her professionalism on the shoot. Clearly pursuing a career she loves, she instantly had my family at ease and laughing.

No mean feat when this family includes a 13 year old boy!

Justice provided a relaxed, fun atmosphere and the proof was certainly in the pudding - the photos were above and beyond anything we expected. 

Her after-sales service was also extremely professional. If you're after photos that showcase feeling, you can't go past Justice."

 Gibson Family


"Justice is a joy to work with. She has good vision and takes a fantastic photo.

She was great with our kids and getting good smiles from them and made us all feel comfortable.

Her photos are beautiful, so much so we have used her for two lots of family photo shoots now.

I love that she comes to you and can touch up photos on the spot as well as downloading the photos onto a usb stick straight away.

We are very happy customers."

Beckworth Family


"Dear Justice,

Thank you so much for being the photographer on our wedding day.

You were really easy to get along with on, and leading up to, the day.

We felt so relaxed in your company.

Neither Kane or I are very comfortable in front of the camera, but you got some lovely natural photos of the both of us.

You have provided us with some very special memories.

We had a fantastic day and you really helped things run smoothly.

You captured many moments throughout the day, and our personalities without us even noticing.

Thank you again for the beautiful photos of our special day"

Kane & Kirsten